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The last time I wrote an article on quality listing photos, there was a good deal of focus on the benefits of simply using a professional to photograph your listing, and how many agents in the South Bend market still weren’t on the pro photographer train. A few years later there are more options, and adoption of professionally-shot listing media in our area is way up. And that makes my soul happy, not just as a photographer, but as a person. If even the cheapest products we browse online are showcased with beautiful images, then it should go without saying that obviously a person’s home would be.

I'm already using a professional photographer. So I'm good, right?

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

The quality of the media you use to market your listings isn’t just an important facet of your brand as the most viewed content you’ll produce, but creates a powerful implied value proposition for potential clients who see the way you market homes and make decisions based on conclusions they draw about how you may market their home. Listing media and photography, its benefits when used well, its application beyond marketing an individual listing, and its value in building brand, are all topics I’ll cover from a few different angles in our Knowledge Base & Blog. To put it simply, listing media can be one of the most powerful tools for growing your real estate business so it’s worth having a real conversation about. To that end, I’ve put together a list that goes over the 10 ingredients you should look for in the bread and butter, wide angle interior photos that make up the bulk of a listing’s gallery:

A photograph of a living room in a new construction home overlooking a small lake
Here's that header image again without the overlay. We'll be using it to demonstrate the 10 ingredients of a quality wide angle listing photo.

there's good news for agents

The quality of real estate photos and media is on the rise!

Digital imaging has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, increasing quality while decreasing cost, thereby allowing more photographers to produce quality images for real estate, and making quality photography more accessible to more Realtors every day.

Who should I choose as my photographer?

The nice thing about most real estate photographers is that you hire them by the job – and even for the most expensive options in our market it’s still a relatively inexpensive service. So try a few different options and see who you like the best!

About the Author

Chris Arrowsmith, Real Estate Photographer & Web Designer

Chris Arrowsmith

In his 14 year career Chris has worn a plethora of hats within the field of real estate – working as a licensed agent, acquisition specialist, in brokerage operations, as an architectural photographer, videographer, marketing director, and currently as the owner/operator of realmedia.sb. Drawing on that broad experience within the field to inform his approach, Chris is regarded by many as South Bend’s preeminent voice in real estate marketing. His track record of driving explosive sales growth and building brand through innovative content strategies and quality media production has made him sought-after as a marketer, content creator, and consultant.


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