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Alright, this is the one that I’ve probably been asked about the most recently and it’s also a strategy that has caused a little confusion among some audiences – but I promise there’s a method to the madness. A few methods actually.

I’m talking about interior design style detail photography.

So this is a strategy that works on multiple levels and is very much in keeping with my window display philosophy of content marketing. If you’re not familiar, the gist is that by using things that you already have (as in the case of a retail store with windows and merchandise) and deploying it in an intentional manner (as with a window display) you can drive sales in a very impactful manner without incurring additional cost. The home is already being photographed, and detail shots are very useful in a variety of applications, plus they’re pretty quick to shoot and edit – and that’s why realmedia.sb includes them with every listing shoot at no additional cost. And to be honest, when you’re photographing homes staged and decorated by the immensely talented team at Designed to Flourish or the incomparable builds of Bryan Keve with Irish Custom Homes (featured on our homepage’s header image) there a sort of compulsion towards featuring their work with more intimate imagery. And in my experience there is definitely a benefit to including this style of media when marketing a home for sale.

So now, without further ado, I present to you:

The reasoning behind including detail shots

And they’re not all just photos of pillows.

Detail shots can be a great way to add interest to photo sets of unfurnished homes when staging or virtual staging may not be an option. Architectural details, fixtures, hardware, intimate spaces with their own character, all the small elements within a home that work together to contribute to the whole, add important dimension when they’re seen and appreciated. And honestly in some homes it may take a little more reaching to find enough unique detail vignettes to create a balanced set of photos with good continuity and flow throughout (which is when you may see those pillows make an appearance) but in addition to all the tangent benefits we outlined above, most homes will see a substantial lift in the overall image quality within a set of media by including them.

About the Author

Chris Arrowsmith, Real Estate Photographer & Web Designer

Chris Arrowsmith

In his 14 year career Chris has worn a plethora of hats within the field of real estate – working as a licensed agent, acquisition specialist, in brokerage operations, as an architectural photographer, videographer, marketing director, and currently as the owner/operator of realmedia.sb. Drawing on that broad experience within the field to inform his approach, Chris is regarded by many as South Bend’s preeminent voice in real estate marketing. His track record of driving explosive sales growth and building brand through innovative content strategies and quality media production has made him sought-after as a marketer, content creator, and consultant.


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