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Hi, this is Chris with RealMedia.SB. And in this short video, we’ll be going over the types of files that you’ll receive after placing an order and how to download those files to your device. So you’ll want to start off on RealMedia.SB. And from any page within the site, you can navigate to your account using the My Account icon in the site’s header. Once you’ve arrived at your account page, you can scroll downward to the login area and enter your login credentials to access your account. From your account page, you can access your order history, your upcoming appointments, account details, billing address, payment methods, and also there’s a link in case you lose your password. You’ll also notice that if you’re an existing customer, there will be a link displayed that will access your media delivery sheet. Simply copy the link and paste it into your browser. This will bring up your media delivery sheet.

Because we don’t just deliver files, but also links and embed codes, we’ve found that these online sheets are a simple way to keep track of all of the media that you’ve purchased. You’ll notice that they’re sorted by date with the property address and all the appropriate download links, other hyperlinks, and embed codes. Many of our clients find it helpful to bookmark this page for easy access. In most web browsers, you can bookmark a page by using the keyboard shortcut Command+D on a Mac or Ctrl+D on a PC.

Amazon Drive Download Portal

Once you’ve bookmarked your media delivery sheet, you can access the files by hovering over one of the links and clicking the link that comes up. This link will take you to an Amazon drive page, which is the file delivery system that we use. You’ll notice there’s a folder titled with the property address and next to it a small check box. Once we’ve checked the box next to the folder, you’ll see that the download option becomes available in the site header, which we can use to download our files. Once your download has completed a file titled AmazonPhotos.zip will appear in your download folder. You can double click on this to expand the file into a regular folder.

For photographs, this folder will contain three directories, each containing the same set of images, but with file types optimized for different use. The first folder is denoted with the letters FS for full size. These files are not suitable for web use, but they can be inserted into 4K video or printed on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper with no loss in resolution. The second directory is denoted with the letters MLS. This is pretty self explanatory, these are your photographs for MLS but these are also your photographs for web use. These are a smaller file size, but will still display well full screen on most computer monitors and due to the small file size will still pull up quickly when used on the internet. The last directory is denoted with the letters WM for watermark. These images will contain a small watermark with your logo if you’ve provided us with one. And these are nice for applications like social media, or any other use where you want to have a little bit more brand visibility.

Listing Photo Directory - MLS
Listing Photo Directory – MLS

When you receive the files, you can see that they’re all named with the property address and a sequence number. We sequence files in an order that is intuitive as you would progress through the home, with features like living rooms and kitchens towards the front and bedrooms and basements towards the rear of the set. Now we will include every photo that we’ve taken of the property, which often times will include unfinished spaces like basements that you may not wish to include in MLS. If you come across a photo that you do not wish to include in the MLS listing, or keep on your computer, you can simply delete it.

Let’s go back to our media delivery sheet. Now that we’ve covered photos, if you look at the column to the right, you’ll see video download links. These function in exactly the same way as the photo download links, and each directory will contain both a branded and unbranded cut of the video. When you purchase video, you will also receive an unbranded link hosted on our YouTube channel, as well as an embed code that can be used to embed the video on a website or landing page. And this is the format that’s used for Zillow, 3d home and other virtual tours such as Matterport or CloudPano.

We hope that you found this video useful in understanding how to download your media and archive it for future reference.

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Chris Arrowsmith, Real Estate Photographer & Web Designer

Chris Arrowsmith

In his 14 year career Chris has worn a plethora of hats within the field of real estate – working as a licensed agent, acquisition specialist, in brokerage operations, as an¬†architectural photographer, videographer, marketing director, and currently as the owner/operator of realmedia.sb. Drawing on that broad experience within the field to inform his approach, Chris is regarded by many as South Bend’s preeminent voice in real estate marketing. His track record of driving explosive sales growth and building brand through innovative content strategies and quality media production has made him sought-after as a marketer, content creator, and consultant.


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